De levensmiddelenbranche kan zelf geen merknamen verzinnen, dus gebruikt men de naam GWOON. 

Na KEES, JAN, DIRK en ALBERT gebruikt men nu GWOON.

Wij hebben GEWOON.FRL  

Levensmiddelenbranche: Stop toch met het achterlijke gebruik van de naam KEES als merknaam zonder woordmerkrecht.  

BECEL ProActiv is niet geschikt voor kleine kinderen en zwangere vrouwen.

Wij gebruiken GijZultNietDoden.nl 

De KEES verkopers hebben een nieuwe merknaam verzonnen. Men heeft het woord GEWOON geclaimd.

Maar wij hebben GEWOON.frl

 Hieruit blijkt hoe dom de KEES verkopers zijn.

Men is te dom om een nieuwe merknaam te verzinnen, dus gebruikt men GEWOON en KEES als merknaam.

 Zeer leuke domeinnamen zoals MOGENLIJK en van vaak gebruikte afkortingen: 

KNVU.nl  Koninklijke Nederlandse  Voetbal unie 

KNVU.nl  Koninklijke Nederlandse Volleybal Unie 


Namenlijk, Eigenlijk en Mogenlijk. Ik zie het probleem niet.

Luister dagelijks naar de reclame op 538. MOGENLIJK.nl

Contactformulier  , for questions, email  : reactie "at" nlkaas.nl




Waarom noemt MARC zijn product KEES ????? Heeft MARC een gebrek aan fantasie?

Kent u de LEIDSEKRANT.nl

Daar leest u alles in over Leidse Kees.

Superkrant.nl,  Alles over uw supermarkt. Klopt de voedsel samenstelling wel ?


Ingestoeld.nl   Zit u al Jaren op dezelfde stoel?  Koopt u al jaren bij dezelfde supermarkt?


Heeft u een bonuskaart van AH?


Via uw Albert Heijn bonuskaart kunt u bewijzen dat u vleeswaren van Offerman heeft gekocht.

Via uw Albert Heijn bonuskaart kunt u bewijzen dat u Becel ProActiv heeft gekocht en kunt u bewijzen dat u Becel ProActiv heeft gekocht toen u zwanger was en in de periode dat u jonge opgroeiende kinderen had.

Drie mensen overleden door de listeria bacterie in vleeswaren van onder andere Jumbo.

Jumbo Wat doet u ons aan. 

U heeft ook al KEES in uw schappen.

Trap de KEES en de Listeria bacterie de winkels uit.


Via uw Albert Heijn bonuskaart kunt u bewijzen dat uw vleeswaren van Offerman heeft gekocht

Diverse websites met leuke namen:







Website Mistakes







 We have many people from UK, Spain, France and USA on this website .  This website is mainly about the foodindustry and the mistakes of webshop that forget to check the emailadres of the customers.  If you want to email  me in person fill in the form below. 


@CES 2019, are you sure you are allowing Remy Ludo Gieling in your building? He has yet to rectify KEES € 45,000,000 in turnover. He is together with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs in the US at #CES2019.



Theresa May, Nissan UK  + Unilever UK

September  2019,   British people, after Brexit, we don't need your Nissan cars and Unilever products. It will be the end of UK economy.   My name is KEES and Unilever used my name for a product. Keep Unilever in the UK. We don't need Unilever in The Netherlands.


Often brushing with OralB's electric toothbrush has the side effect that your gums can gradually disappear. Many elderly people (aged 55 and 60) suffer from it. Ask your dentist if you should stop using OralB.


I'm a new user of an electric toothbrush and starting experience a localized spot of gum tenderness/sensitivity. As of two days ago, I have been informed that I have a receding gumline and exposed root on one tooth. This hasn't been a problem before. Could my use of an electric toothbrush be to blame? YES , my dentist answered.


"On The Way To Plant Proof" is a new Dutch  sustainability quality mark.

 Friesland is a province in the north of the Netherlands. Belgium is located south of the Netherlands. The sustainability label "on the way to the PlantProof "has a collaboration with Friesland Campina that calls the milk from Belgium "Friesche Vlag", as if the milk comes from Friesland, which is 400 kilometers to the north.

In the Netherlands the Unilever product FLORA is called BECEL.

Magazine and website Sprout (part of MT media group) does not correct  the error of € 45,000,000. KEES (part of listed Value8) did not expect 50 million sales but only 5 million in 2016. This is a difference of 900%

The journalist involved now works at RTLZ



Under the guise of PRESS FREEDOM, it is possible to increase the turnover of a listed company by 900% through an RTL journalist or a journalist of MT mediagroep. The price of the share can therefore increase. Value8 has also succeeded.

we ask very diplomatically whether Unilever, Sprout and RTL can restore the meaning of the name KEES.
KEES is the name of a person and not suitable as a name for a product





Karin Husslage from Sprout, now from RTLz, refuses to rectify 45 million.

The end of the trademark attorneys is near, because Unilever pays since1971 for the trademark OMO, but OMO.nl is not from Unilever. 

Did you get an e-mail from me? 

Now Unilever is free from tax in the Netherlands. How is that possible?

You previous mail contained an error in the adres.
 Votre courrier précédent contenait une erreur dans l'adresse,
 Ihre vorherige E-Mail enthielt einen Fehler in den Anzeigen.
Su correo anterior contenía un error en la dirección.
您之前的邮件在adres中包含错误      www.voedselwaakhond.nl   www.NWVA.nl

For Mark Rutte, the premier from The Netherlands, and all the other world leaders:

Unilever used the name of my deceased grandfather "KEES" for a product without a trademark.
Product KEES was for free if you bought  Becel pro activ.
Now Unilever is free from tax in the Netherlands. How is that possible?

For the Dutch:
Marc gebruikt de naam KEES als productnaam zonder enige vorm van woordmerkrecht.

Unilever gebruikt de naam KEES ( zonder enige vorm van woordmerkrecht ) , wij gebruiken www.UUTLOOK.com .
Unilever is nu vrij van dividend belasting in Nederland. Dus degene die de naam van mijn opa misbruikt heeft, krijgt ook nog  belastingvoordeel van Mark Rutte.

We zullen e-mail en uw e-mailadres veilig in de cloud bewaren, volgens de regels die vanaf 25 mei 2018 gelden.



Also for the Dutch , the subpage about the lies of  HetVinkje .

De leugens en het bedrog van HetVinkje

The mistake webshop make: They don't check the emailadres-

Gij Zult Niet Doden: alles over plantensterolen



Français and English and contact e-mail


Contactformulier  , for questions, email  : reactie "at" nlkaas.nl

Voer een e-mailadres in bij de instellingen van de contact-widget. Zodra een bezoeker het formulier invult, krijg je deze informatie automatisch per e-mail toegestuurd.



Français and English and contact e-mail


 Sustainability      sstnblt.com  geleCitroenen.nl  

 ooknu.nl      ookditnog.nl     ookdit.nl       nunog.nl      nugeen.ookdit.nl

31-12-2017: Les dernières nouvelles pour le fruiticulteur français: Nous vendons des citrons.

The latest news for the French fruit growers: We are going to trade in lemons.


February 6: The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has pointed out that Mankind may no longer be used. It should be Peoplekind in the future.

I think that an employee of the Dutch trademark-office Vriesendorp & Gaade helped Marc to use the name KEES as a brand, that is why I use  employmentagency.com and I promote PeoplePower.nl  and PeoplePower.com.

employmentagency.com, I think that I am allowed to use your brandname because its a normal word in the Enlish language. Employmentagency, we use your name as a normal word in Europe and the USA.  

Gender-Neutral Words and Terms
As English speaking Western cultures and societies have evolved over the past few decades, the use of gender-specific language has (is becoming) a thing of the past. Although the extent of this may still vary from country, it is now becoming more common and acceptable to use gender-neutral terms when writing and speaking in English.

Following is a list of gender-specific words/terms with their recommended gender-neutral equivalents. The words/terms that I have included on the list are what I consider to be the most frequently encountered in day-to-day writing and speaking.

Fireman                        firefighter
man's work                   work, hard work
man-sized                     large
man-to-man                 face to face
man-eater                    flesh eater
manhandle                   rough up 
manhole                      maintenance hole 
man-hours                   work hours 
mankind                      humanity
manlike                       humanlike
manmade                    hand made, hand built

man of the house         husband, father

marked man                 targeted person, fingered

marksman                   sharpshooter

bron: http://www.writinghelp-central.com/gender-neutral.html 


Marc van Wanroij has no rights on the name KEES.

Go to the Dutch version


The famous Peter Paul de Vries from Value8  refuses to rectify 45 million.

Karin Husslage from Sprout, now from RTLz, refuses to rectify 45 million.


The Dutch MT mediagroep refuses to rectify 45 million. 


The end of the trademark attorneys is near, because Unilever pays since1971 for the trademark OMO, but OMO.nl is not from Unilever. 

Message LIFTKEURMERK.nl   Keurmerk is the Dutch name for quality mark

The source of this story is the Dutch lift institute  liftinstituut.nl    april 2017  

Safety hazard braking lift installations Lift institute has found that the safety of braking of lifts, older than 5 years and provided with speed control, is insufficiently guaranteed in a number of cases. The chance of an accident is small, but if this happens, it can lead to very serious injury. Lift Institute asks lifts to discuss this risk with the lifton maintenance company. Together, it is possible to determine which lifts this might apply and to what extent additional security or other action is desirable.

Potentially unsafe situations


The reminder of the reminder may be due to a single error that is not detected, such as:
• Burned brake coil or fuse in brake circuit, defective brake relay etc.
• Voltage drop in brake circuit by, for example, many serial relay contacts connected in series

As a result, the brake does not light or is not sufficiently illuminated while driving. Because the lifting motor drive clutch can be larger than the brake clutch, the engine can pull the lift 'by the brake'.

• Overheating and excessive wear on brake
• Failure braking operation
• Uncontrolled lifting movement


What installations are it?


The failure of the braking action was noted in the case of elevators without controlled drive due to discrepancies. This is not the case with lifts with a controlled drive. A brake failure is usually not detected in a different way. Additionally important to report: more and more lifts are modernized with a controlled drive. In many cases without detection of braking. This because this is not mandatory.



Only the latest lifting requirements (NEN-EN 81-1 + A3 and EN 81-20 / 50) require measures against uncontrolled movements. For all lifts of 2012, the risk of uncontrolled movement is not covered by the rules.

Rem Examination Lift Institute 2014


In 2014, Lift Institute conducted a limited investigation into controlled-drive lifts with the aim of obtaining an estimate of the likelihood of uncontrolled movement due to a failure in the brake circuit.
• Number of lifts tested: 54 = 100%
• Number of good: 33 = 61% (almost no chance of uncontrolled movement due to slip braking)
• Amount of moderate: 11 = 20% (there is a chance of uncontrolled movement due to removal of braking action)

Number of bad: 10 = 19% (highly probable chance of uncontrolled movement due to failure braking action)

Risk analysis:
Also, the Institute of Health has conducted a risk analysis with the following principles:
• Risk of accident: relatively small
• Ernst injuries if such an accident occurs: big / fatal

Support for measures
Initially, there was insufficient support for additional security measures. It is now evident by advancing insight, partly due to a number of near-accident and incidents.

- - - - - end message liftkeurmerk.nl ----



- A mistake of €45.000.000 turnover of a product. This product has the qualitymark "hetVinkje" ( = Choices Programme ) from Schuttelaar & Partners  ( = an idea from Unilever, Ahold and Friesland Campina )  

Sprout.nl published  a turnover of 50 milion Euro's in 2016  https://www.google.nl/?gws_rd=ssl#q=we+mikken+op+een+omzet+van+meer+dan+50+miljoen+in+2016+%2C+Sprout.nl  >>>>> €  50.000.000

But that was wrong.

Agri food and Trend ( Innofood.nl) published a turnover of 5 milion in 2016

https://www.google.nl/?gws_rd=ssl#q=agri+%26+trend++food++mikken+op+omzet+5+miljoen+in+2016  >>>>>>>

€  5.000.000 

The difference is € 45.000.000,00  

We know Schuttelaar and his CHOICES PROGRAM since 2012 from the CHEESE from POLAND with the typical DUTCH brand name, without a trademark on this name.


5 arguments against the Dutch Choises Program and the Dutch supermarkets :

- The HOOGVLIET supermarket has a trademark on firearms and explosives.

- Albert Heijn sells its German food , as if it is Dutch food. This product also had the

  qualitymark "Het Vinkje" from Schuttelaar and Choices Program

- JUMBO Supermarkets has no trademark on JUMBO CHEESE, that is from Cono

- Becel kaffee cream is sold as a milk product. This product also had the

  qualitymark "Het Vinkje" from Schuttelaar and Choices Program.

- A mistake of €45.000.000 turnover of a product with "Het Vinkje" from Choises

 Program from   Schuttelaar The  lie published  by Sprout.nl  April 13 2014  18h06 ) https://www.google.nl/?gws_rd=ssl#q=we+mikken+op+een+omzet+van+meer+dan+50+miljoen+in+2016+%2C+Sprout.nl




Nous connaissons Schuttelaar et son CHOICES PROGRAM depuis 2012 du fromage Pologne avec le nom de marque Hollandaise typique, sans marque sur ce nom.

Les CHOIX hollandais est "HET VINKJE"

5 contre le programme néerlandais Choises et les supermarchés néerlandais:

- Le supermarché Superunie a une marque déposée sur les armes à feu et les


- Albert Heijn vend sa nourriture allemande, comme s'il s'agissait de nourriture

  hollandaise. Ce produit avait le  Qualitymark "Het Vinkje" de Schuttelaar et

 Choices  Programme

- JUMBO Supermarkets n'a pas de marque déposée sur JUMBO CHEESE, c'est-à-dire


- Becel kaffee crème est vendu comme un produit laitier. Ce produit avait le

   Qualitymark "Het Vinkje" de Schuttelaar et Choices Program.

- Une erreur de 45.000.000 € de chiffre d'affaires d'un produit avec "Het Vinkje" de  Choises Programme de Schuttelaar Sprout.nl  13 April 2014 18h06 ) https://www.google.nl/?gws_rd=ssl#q=we+mikken+op+een+omzet+van+meer+dan+50+miljoen+in+2016+%2C+Sprout.nl




Wat ben jij dom om met een en hetzelfde account haat te witteren tegen de kerk en ook nog de tweets van je klanten te " liken " met hetzelfde account